Educational courses, web content, commercials, corporate documentaries, and much more.

Whatever type of content your business needs our technicians will ensure your message is delivered flawlessly.



VMG offers services to capture courses and presentations. We edit them so when they're broadcast on your schools site online students see the original presentation and the speaker. It's a way for your school to service students that might not be available or don't live close by. Online learning is the future of education.

corporate content

VMG offers full video production services for your small business. Web content, short commercials, corporate documentaries, training videos, sales videos, internal communications, real estate sales videos, or any other video, our technicians will make sure your message is delivered exactly how you intend.


corporate events

Your business is hosting an event and your objective is crucial. We understand meeting your objective can be tricky in the live event industry and we're here to provide some relief. VMG can support your objective by capturing your event and producing a video that supports your objective.