Production, Mixing, and Mastering

VMG provides music production services from the ground up. You can come to us with nothing but an idea and we'll produce it into a fully finished, market ready recording. 

If you already have a track made but need the extra edge to get it ready for labels we offer a comprehensive music mixing and mastering service which is done in a state of the art studio located in downtown Toronto.

If you've already produced and mixed your track but you need a mastering job done in the right facilities we've got you covered.

VMG clients are amongst the biggest in the electronic dance music industry.

We’re trusted by the world’s largest labels to make sure their records are ready for streaming and the global market.

Armada Music Armin van Buuren Gareth Emery Ruben de Ronde

BT Matt Fax Airbase Ben Gold

Radion6 Ben Nicky Davey Asprey Dave Neven

WAIO Melosense Maarten de Jong & Many More

Mastering Clients


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